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Needs of LGBTQ+ people in Russia in 2023

For many years now, Coming Out has been collecting data on the needs of LGBTQ+ people in Russia. The main goal of our research this year was practical: to find out what LGBTQ+ people in Russia need right now and what they think about the work of Coming Out and other LGBTQ+ organizations in order to base our work on this data in the near future. We have also tried to find answers to many small and more specific questions that might also help us organize our work:

• How have Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, sanctions, increased repression, and censorship affected the daily lives of LGBTQ+ people in Russia?

• How familiar are LGBTQ+ people with the work of Coming Out?

• What media and content formats are important to LGBTQ+ people in Russia?

• Which services provided by Coming Out do the potential and actual beneficiaries consider the most valuable?

• How do the beneficiaries rate each program provided by Coming Out?

• Why do LGBTQ+ people not reach out to Coming Out for help?

• How important do LGBTQ+ people consider the work of LGBTQ+ organizations in Russia?

• Do LGBTQ+ people plan to immigrate any time soon, and if so, why?

• Are LGBTQ+ people ready to get involved in LGBTQ+ activism in the current political situation in Russia?

• Are LGBTQ+ people ready to volunteer for Coming Out while living in Russia?

• Are LGBTQ+ people in Russia ready to donate money to Coming Out, and do they have the technical means to do so (for example, foreign bank cards or crypto wallets)?

Our dataset consists of 4402 filled-out questionnaires. You will find our conclusions in the text.